In October 2021 we presented at the EcoConectate 2021 in Bogotá/Colombia on auditing e-waste recycling companies

In April 2021 we started a new e-waste project in Ecuador

This project’s goal is to improve e-waste management; from collection to recycling. To achieve this, the current processes of the municipality’s own waste management company, EMAC-EP, are being optimised, and the existing collection point is being expanded into an e-waste management center.  The activities take a comprehensive approach towards repairing, reprocessing and recycling electronic equipment. The accompanying training and the sustainability assessment of the processes are also ensured, in cooperation with the University of Cuenca. In the medium term, the project results are also to be implemented in other regions of Ecuador and Latin America.

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The project will be implemented with the  public enterprise for Solid Waste Management in Cuenca (EMAC-EP) and  the University of Cuenca in cooperation with  Ecopartner Ltd., the Institute of Environmental Engineering of the ETH Zurich and Solenthaler Recycling Ltd., which bring in many years of experience in e-waste management and circular economy strategies in Switzerland, as well as internationally, especially in Latin America.