E-Mail        marco.buletti@ecopartner.ch
Based in    Belp | Switzerland

Dr. phil.-nat. Geologist, University of Berne | Switzerland

Areas of Expertise
Waste management on national and international government level with focus on hazardous and municipal waste. Broad experience in specific waste streams, as e.g. solid waste, medical waste and e-waste. Specialist in voluntary and mandatory financing system for waste disposal and recycling systems. Familiar in resource management, waste minimization, waste recovery, in elaborating and implementing national waste management legislation. Skilled negotiator.

Countries of working experience
Switzerland and co-operation on governmental international level (OECD / Basel Convention). 

German, English, French

Marco started his career as scientific advisor in the Swiss Federal Office for environmental protection working primarily in the development and implementation of national and international regulations on transboundary movements of hazardous waste. After a one year stay in a geological engineering company where he worked mainly on environmental themes, he turned back to the government. His main focus was then hazardous waste management on national and international level. He represented Switzerland for long years as delegate in the OECD Waste Management Group and was involved in the negotiations of OECD decision and recommendations in waste and resources management. He also represented Switzerland for the negotiations and implementation of the international Basal Convention on transboundary movements of hazardous and other wastes. During his international engagement he was chair of different working groups of the OECD and Basel Convention. As chair of the Mobile Phone Partnership and co-chair of the Partnership on action on computing equipment of the Basel Convention he was a pioneer in introducing the Public Private Partnership approach into the work of the Convention

Until 2020 he was deputy head of the division of waste management and resources in the Swiss Federal Office for the Environment and as head of section, he was responsible for municipal waste management on government level. 

…outside the office
Marcos hobby is history and he is a passionate reader of historical romans and backgrounds. Beside this he likes working in the garden or renovating things in his house.