Backstopping, monitoring, and evaluation (M&E) are critical components of project management, ensuring its effectiveness, adaptability, and impact over time.
Backstopping involves providing support and expertise to project teams, acting as a safety net to address unforeseen challenges and enhance project implementation. It is a proactive approach that aims to troubleshoot issues, offer guidance, and ensure that projects stay on course. 
Monitoring is an ongoing process that involves the systematic collection and analysis of data to track the progress and performance of a project. It allows project managers to assess whether activities are being implemented as planned, resources are utilized efficiently, and objectives are being met.

Evaluation is a comprehensive and periodic assessment that measures the overall impact and effectiveness of a project. It involves a systematic review of the project’s processes, outcomes, and sustainability. Evaluation helps stakeholders understand the success factors, challenges, and lessons learned, facilitating informed decision-making for future initiatives.

Together, backstopping, monitoring, and evaluation create a robust framework for project management.

Ecopartner supports institutions and programs in backstopping, monitoring and evaluating progress against objectives and advices on corrective measures for achieving success.