Projects in official development assistance and from NGOs aim at enriching and developing local capacities by providing international expertise and experience. The expectations of the donors often conflict with local dynamics and organisational limits. Patience, communication and mutual understanding is key along development processes. Backstopping of the program evolution in the breeding ground of expectations, limits and opportunities contributes to fruitful dynamics and increased ownership of the local beneficiaries. ecopartner with its diverse experience of the team members in multi-annual programs can bring in outside perspectives and enrichment of the programs achievements. 

Through the evaluation of projects, programs or organisation we contribute to the continuous improvement of development cooperation programs. With a systemic view on the objectives,  the involved actors and their roles, interests and linkages we provide an outside perspective without neglecting local cultural habits and communication aspects. The team members of ecopartner have in-depth expertise and experience in project implementation. We combine methodological expertise with insights in cooperation and communication dynamics.  Our evaluations are highly solution- and implementation-oriented: the design is based on the customer’s questions and the purpose of the evaluation.