The timeline of ecopartner

Ecopartner Ltd. was founded in April 1997 as an  engineering and consulting company with head offices in St. Gallen/Switzerland. The scope of the services was from the very beginning on waste and resources management. The company developed integrated waste management projects in Eastern and Central Switzerland where it was commissioned by regional public authorities. In addition ecopartner offered engineering and consultancy services for waste management organisations and businesses with a focus on site evaluation, landfill planning and construction,  waste logistics, financing schemes and environmental impact assessments for new waste facilities. 

From 1998 onwards ecopartner was entrusted with projects in Colombia in the context of the Swiss-Colombian cooperation on Cleaner Production, financed by the Swiss State Secretariat for Economic Affairs.

Beginning 2018 the company was relaunched after more than a decade of suspension of providing services due to the appointment of the main shareholders in other businesses. Heinz Böni the founder of ecopartner has during this period extended his professional experience in the waste sector. He focused on research and consultancy services in the area of recycling of Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) in Switzerland, Austria, Germany, Western Africa, Colombia and Peru.

In 2009 Daniel Ott joined  ecopartner as a new shareholder. He equally gained his professional experience in the last years in the area of recycling of Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) building up waste management schemes in Latin America (Peru, Chile, Colombia, Mexico) and advising UN organisations and governments in WEEE management in Colombia, Peru, Chile, Trinidad and Tobago and Uruguay.

Nowadays ecopartner unites a team of experienced professionals in the area of waste and resource management brining in knowledge and first-hand experience in industrialised and developing country settings. We realised that resource management by itself is not working when communication and development aspects are not considered from the very beginning.